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Degrees & Programs

The Civitas ChildLaw Center offers a number of degree and program options for students, attorneys, and child-serving professionals.

Juris Doctor (JD) Degree

All students pursuing a Loyola JD degree have access to a rich and interdisciplinary set of opportunities to enhance their knowledge of child and family law, develop essential lawyering skills, edit a national publication for child welfare professionals, earn credit for externships/internships, and network with child advocates locally, nationally and globally. Students who take a certain number of courses in the child and family law curriculum may earn a certificate of concentration.

Master of Laws (LLM) Degree 
Intended for graduates of US and foreign law schools, this degree is tailored to meet the individual background and interests of students and emphasizes interdisciplinary learning, advanced skills training, scholarly research on legal issues affecting children, and international perspectives on children’s rights. International students may now receive an LLM in International Law with a concentration in child and family law.

Online Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) Degree in Children’s Law and Policy
The only program of its kind in the nation, the M.J. program is specially designed to give professionals in social work, education, health care, psychology, law enforcement and other disciplines a better understanding of the law and an ability to function more effectively in the legal system on behalf of children and families. The online format is intended to provide a flexible adult learning environment for busy professionals.

Juris Doctor (JD) Dual Degrees

JD students may pursue a dual degree in social work, comparative education, political science, and business. Students must be 
‌admitted to both programs and are normally able to graduate with both degrees in a shorter period than if they pursued each degree separately.

Master of Jurisprudence/Master of Social Work (MJ/MSW) Dual Degree‌

‌MJ students may receive a dual MJ/MSW degree in three years of concentrated study, rather than the four years it would take if each degree were pursued separately. The MJ degree is online,while the MSW is a campus-based program offered by Loyola’s School of Social work. Students must apply and be accepted by both programs.

For a sample MJ/MSW degree student curriculum guide, please click here.

Non-Degree Programs for Individuals and Groups
We are dedicated to providing lifelong education to attorneys and child and family-serving professionals. We are pleased to now offer individuals the flexibility of taking our cutting-edge online courses as a student-at-large. Courses can be taken either for credit or no credit. Our online courses are available to all experienced attorneys and health care professionals (except those listed as "for attorneys only" or “with permission”) based on availability and class size. Loyola University Chicago School of Law alumni may also take campus courses subject to approval and availability.