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Information for Clients

There are currently over 130 active BLC clients, both for-profit and not-for-profit.

  1. Approximately sixty-five percent (65%) of these clients are not-for-profit ventures involving child welfare, teen health, animal welfare, sports clubs, churches, museums, community welfare, religious organizations, aid to third world populations, etc. 
  2. The BLC’s for-profit clients include entrepreneurs, inventors, service providers and web-based business owners who are involved in a variety of industries.

All Chicago-area for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations in need of low-cost or pro bono legal services are welcome to apply.

The application can be found HERE, or you can call (312) 915-7314 to speak to BLC faculty in lieu of the online application.

Several factors are considering in accepting clients for representation, including whether such clients have taken the time to develop business goals and plans for the future of their organizations. 

Application Process

  1. Once we have received your online application, a BLC staff member will review the application for acceptance. Upon acceptance, and space permitting, a student clinician will conduct an in-personal initial interview. 
  2. After the initial interview, those clients whom we agree to represent receive an engagement letter detailing the scope and terms of our representation. Representation begins when the client has signed and returned a copy of the engagement letter to the BLC accepting these terms.  
  • Pre-Formation Counseling
    • Entity Selection
      • Not-For-Profit Organizations
        • C-Corporations
        • S-Corporations
        • Limited Liability Companies
        • Partnerships
        • Joint Ventures
        • Sole Proprietors
    • Entity Structure

  • Formation
    • Incorporations
    • 501(c)(3) Applications
    • Charitable Organization Registration
    • Zoning Applications
    • Business License Applications

  • Financing and Business Growth Counseling

  • Real Estate Counseling
    • Contracts
    • Zoning

  • Labor Related Matters
    • Employee contracts

  • Document Drafting and Reviewing
    • Organizational Documents
    • Operational Documents
    • Financial Documents

  • Intellectual Property Counseling

All such costs are the client’s responsibility in addition to the quoted fee. Any disbursement advanced by the BLC are to be reimbursed upon the rendering of a detailed bill for any such advance (e.g., filing fees).

Prompt payment of fees for services is expected. No client will be turned away because of inability to pay. Fees may be reduced or adjusted based upon a showing of financial need.



Initial Consultation


Incorporation and Business Formation


Non-Profit Services

Pro Bono



Licenses: city, county, state

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Intellectual Property:

      Copyrights and Trademarks


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Real Estate:



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Labor Related Matters

Employment Discrimination
Employment Agreement
Lease Negotiations
Administrative Matters
Assessment Matters


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