Loyola University Chicago

Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies

School of Law

Advisory Boards

Since its inception the Institute has welcomed the input of lawyers, professors, and policy makers in the field through its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is composed of distinguished antitrust professionals who advise the Director and the law school on the issues and programs of interest to the antitrust community.

In addition, competition law has become a world-wide phenomenon. More than 100 countries now have their own laws dealing with anticompetitive agreements, the abuse of a dominant position or monopoly power, and the regulation of anticompetitive mergers and acquisitions.

The Advisory Boards consist of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and points of views. Although decisions are made by the Institute, its director, and staff, the Advisory Boards are consulted on a regular basis as to the student fellowship, research topics, programs, publications, and positions of the Institute. Members of the Advisory Boards participate in the day-to-day work and programs of the Institute in their individual capacities and not as representatives of their firms or agencies. They do not vote and do not assume responsibility for the positions of the Institute and may from time to time recuse themselves as a result of a conflict of interest. The Advisory Boards represent a rich body of experience and add to the available resources of the Institute on a truly global basis. The Institute is grateful to be able to draw on their assistance.

The Institute thanks the individuals who have agreed to serve as advisors.