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Pizza & Presentation by Al Almado

Pizza & Presentation by Al Almado: Rule of Law and the Inquisitorial
Adversarial Shift: ROL and the justice system in transition in Latin America

Wednesday, February 14th; 12pm
Room 1201

Join the Foreign Lawyer Association for pizza and a presentation about the transition from the inquisitorial to the adversarial trial system in Latin America.

Al Amado, a U.S. Attorney now working in Latin America began his career as a lawyer specializing in trial and appellate litigation; he has also been active as a mediator, arbitrator, and trial and conflict consultant.

From 2009 to 2014, Mr. Amado was the Director for the ABA Rule of Law Initiative for Latin America, based in Ecuador, where his work focused on training justice sector operators on the oral, accusatory trial process; ethics and transparency; and the investigation and prosecution of transnational crimes.

Attending this program will qualify as an “Extra-Curricular Event” credit towards a Certificate in Advocacy.