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National Moot Court Competition

One of the most prestigious competitions in the nation, the National Moot Court Competition, requires students to prepare to deliver an argument before the United States Supreme Court. Topics are based on recent cases in which the Court has actually granted certiorari. Winners of the regional rounds advance to the national rounds. Among recent topics: whether a person's Fourth Amendment right is violated when police officers stop an individual based on an anonymous tip regarding DWI without the officers observing such driving and then subsequently finding a loaded gun in the vehicle; an Eighth Amendment challenge to whether a certain state's Three-Strikes Law is cruel and unusual punishment; and whether the Eighth Amendment's ban on cruel and unusual punishment prohibits sentencing a juvenile to life in prison without parole for a non-homicide.


2017-2018 National Team

2017-2018  national image

From Left to Right: Kellen Michuda, James Naughton, Britt Devaney, Ryan Gillespie, Lauren Rushing, Benjamin Poor.