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Advocacy Curriculum

Loyola's curriculum in the broad area of advocacy education and training is extensive. A wide variety of courses is available, taught by recognized academics and highly successful lawyers and judges. Students may participate in the certificate program in advocacy by concentrating their studies in this area.

Loyola was a pioneer in adapting the widely-recognized methodologies of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) for use in training law students in trial litigation skills. This innovative teaching program, now employed by many law schools, led to Loyola's winning the Emil Gumpert Award of the American College of Trial Lawyers for excellence in teaching trial advocacy as early as 1982. Loyola now serves as the Midwest regional headquarters for NITA.

Advocacy education and training takes place in the classroom and the courtroom, with simulations of advocacy situations, but it also takes place in clinics, externships and practicums, where students encounter real-life opportunities to represent clients in controlled settings and to develop the professional skills and values that they will carry into their practice of law.