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INADR International Mediation Tournament

Every other year Loyola’s Dispute Resolution Program co-sponsors the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) International Law School Mediation Tournament. The 17th annual international championship tournament will take place at Loyola March 8 to 10, 2018. In alternate years the tournament takes place in a location outside the U.S., locations in recent years have included London, Dublin and Glasgow.

More than 400 students, mediators, professors, and attorneys from Africa, Asia, Europe and North American came to Chicago to participate in the four days of international mediation events, training and competition rounds.

Students must play the role of mediator, advocate and client in each round.  Respected mediators and attorneys who advocate at mediations serve as judges for the tournament.

“The wonderful thing about this competition is seeing the world’s future lawyers learning to view legal disputes in terms of problem solving,” said Teresa Frisbie, director of Loyola’s Dispute Resolution Program. “As part of the competition, students learn to communicate productively with decision makers from other cultures, and to generate options for creative solutions that can offer both parties a satisfying outcome beyond what a court or other tribunal might impose.”  

The popularity of mediation, a voluntary, non-binding process where a neutral mediator facilitates a negotiation between disputing parties, is growing internationally because it offers an alternative to the delays, expense, corruption, and damage to business and family relationships that may be involved in court proceedings. 

The tournament includes mediation and mediation advocacy training, receptions, a cross-cultural program with international faculty and the Association for Conflict Resolution, tours of Chicago and the Daley Center courthouse, and an awards dinner on Friday night. This year Loyola will host the World Mediation Congress in the two days preceding the tournament.

For more information about Loyola’s Dispute Resolution Program contact Teresa Frisbie tfrisbie@luc.edu.