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Loyola participates in several alternative dispute resolution competitions and the client counseling competition. For these competitions, students compete within the school for positions on teams. Students who represent Loyola receive supervision and training by members of the faculty as well as the practicing bar, and they are eligible to receive academic credit for their participation.

ABA Negotiation Competition

Loyola teams consistently excel in the ABA Negotiation Competition, and based upon performance over the prior four years, the team was invited in 2012 to participate in the WNR2012 international negotiation competition in Warsaw, Poland along with teams from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Loyola's team was selected as one of two U.S. teams from a field of 37 U.S. law schools. The Negotiation Team is coached by Adjunct Professors Jamie MichelEthan ZelizerJohn Liston, and Jennifer Woods.

International Mediation Competition

Loyola students on the mediation team participate each spring in the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) international mediation tournament. The international round of the competition rotates every other year between Loyola and locations outside of the U.S. In the last six years, Loyola has hosted the competition in even numbered years and traveled to London, Dublin and Glasgow in odd years.  In March 2018 the competition returns to Loyola with 60 teams expected from around the world. See the student video from the competition in Glasgow here.

Over the three day competition, students get a chance to play the roles of mediator, attorney and client and to experience mediation and negotiation skills across many cultures. They also receive additional training in mediation, mediation advocacy and cross-cultural issues from experienced practitioners. Loyola teams have done very well in the competition, consistently taking home trophies for the top slots for both mediation and advocacy skills as well as individual mediator awards. In 2016 Loyola took first place in mediation skills out of 52 teams and in 2017 Loyola advanced to semi-finals in advocacy and mediation and a Loyola student was named second place individual mediator out of 135 students.

Vis Moot

Each year, Loyola competes in the Willem C. Vis International Moot Arbitration Competition. Sponsored by Pace Law School, the Vis Moot is an international competition based on a problem governed by the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). Loyola sends students to compete in both the Vis Moot, which is held in Vienna, Austria, and in its sister competition, the Vis Moot (East), held in Hong Kong. Loyola took first place at the Hong Kong competition in 2014 and has an impressive record of success at both competitions.

Students who wish to compete in either of the competitions on behalf of Loyola must register for the International Commercial Arbitration and the CISG course. More information about the Vis Moot is on the Pace Law School.

Vis Pre-Moot

Loyola has moved into the forefront of Chicago law schools preparing students for the international legal environment by hosting an annual Vis Pre-Moot, which is co-sponsored by the Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association (CIDRA), and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The Pre-Moot serves as a practice moot for student teams going to the Vis International Moot Arbitration Competition in Vienna and Hong Kong. Students who participate in the Pre-Moot are predominantly from schools in the midwest, although teams from Canada and California have also participated. The arbitrators come from as far away as England, Toronto, and New York. The event is organized by Professor Margaret Moses and Loyola Dispute Resolution Program alumnus Melissa Bocker. 

Other Student Skills Competitions

Loyola has also competed successfully over the years in other professional skills competitions including the ABA Client Counseling Competition, where Loyola was a regional finalist in 2013 and 2014.