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Sending Resumes and Cover Letters

  • If you can't find a networking contact at an employer you want to approach, your next best option is to send your resume with a cover letter specifically tailored to that employer. Once you have first semester grades, you may want to consider sending a copy of your transcript as well, if your grades are strong.
  • Make sure that your resume is professional looking, typo-free, and appropriate for legal employers. Your 1L Career Services Handbook‌ includes information about creating a legal resume, as well as sample resumes to draw inspiration from.
  • The most effective cover letters are tailored to the specific employer they are addressed to.  If at all possible, make sure that the cover letter is directed to a specific person. Your cover letters should all follow standard business format. Cover letter examples and advice are included in your 1L Career Services Handbook‌.
  • Once you've updated your resume for the legal market and drafted a few cover letters, schedule an appointment with your Career Services Counselor to review your materials. Contact our office at 312-915-7160 or law-career@luc.edu to set up an appointment.

Job Searching Step 3: Job Postings