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Learn Your Myers-Briggs Type

An excellent tool for self-assessment is the Myers Briggs Type Identifier (MBTI®) – an instrument based on Jung’s theory of psychological type that helps identify your preferences regarding interaction with others, information gathering and decision making.  Click here for more information about the MBTI. 

Especially if you are struggling to identify what you are good at and like to do, learning your Myers Briggs type can help you identify and understand your strengths and preferences.  Better understanding your preferences can help you evaluate different types of legal practices in terms of what might play to your strengths.  While type won’t necessarily point you to a specific practice area or practice setting within the law, it can give you good insight on what types of work and work settings will likely be most satisfying given your preferences. 

If you don’t already know your type, please note that the Office of Career Services is in the process of certifying one of our counselors to administer the MBTI®

If you already know your Myers Briggs type, you will want to review the materials in our office, includingJuris Types by Martha M. Peters & Don Peters and Do What You Are by Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron, that discuss ways to apply type to flourishing in law school and choosing a career path.  If you already know your type, please also feel free to set up an appointment with Mary Beth Wynn to discuss how type may impact work style and “fit” with various types of legal practice.

This is the last step of Self-Assessment, so it is on to Information Gathering . . .