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School of Law

Judicial Clerkships

Alumni who are interested in applying for Judicial Clerkships should follow the steps listed below. Applying early is recommended.

1. Read the Judicial Clerkship Handbook online.

2. Create an account on OSCAR.

3. Identify & contact your recommenders.
If your recommenders are Loyola professors, please contact Maureen Kieffer at mkieffer1@luc.edu to coordinate the printing and uploading of your letters of recommendation. You will need to provide our office with an Excel spreadsheet listing the judges to who you are applying via paper application.

4. Apply to judges via OSCAR or in hard copy (for judges not accepting applications via OSCAR).

5. The Office of Career Services will keep your letters of recommendation on file. 
If you decide to apply to additional judges in the future (via OSCAR or in hard copy), please contact our office so your letters can be used again.