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Career Transitions Center of Chicago

Loyola University Chicago is a member of the Career Transitions Center of Chicago, and we invite you to utilize the services offered by this organization in seeking a new job or creating the next chapter in your career.

What is the Career Transitions Center of Chicago?
Career Transitions Center of Chicago supports those in job or career transition. Founded in 1997 by several area faith communities, CTC, a 501(c)(3) organization, offers professional, emotional, and spiritual support to those seeking a job or creating the next chapter in their careers. 

What does CTC offer to those in transition?
CTC offers an abundance of coaching programs, services and opportunities for connection that help individuals meet their goals for progress. CTC clients are encouraged to take advantage of the following:

1. One-on-one and group meetings with qualified volunteer job/career coaches;

2. Weekly seminars on navigating transition, successful search techniques, and relevant professional development;

3. Access to the Business Center with telephones, fax & copy machines, and high speed internet;

4. An on-site library with current and classic sources of career information and job search help; and

5. Special programs on entrepreneurship, self-awareness/assessment, and creative career direction.

CTC also offers a variety of special events each month. Visit their website to view a list of upcoming programs.