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Founded in 1870, Loyola University Chicago is the oldest university in the City of Chicago. The school of law admitted its first class in 1908 and has been accredited by the American Bar Association since 1925. Loyola University Chicago is one of the largest Jesuit universities in the United States.


Jean M. Gaspardo, BS, Wisconsin; MBA, JD, Loyola-Chicago. Dean Gaspardo served in the capacity of Director of Student Services for Loyola from 1993–1999, and as assistant dean from 1999 to the present. Her current responsibilities as Dean of Students and Law Programs include: counseling students; directing the Study Law Abroad Programs in Rome and China; assisting with the London Advocacy Program and Spring Break programs abroad; and assisting with administrative operations of the law school. Dean Gaspardo has an extensive background in small business and world travel. She speaks fluent Italian and can also communicate in Spanish and French. Dean Gaspardo has accompanied Loyola’s summer abroad programs continuously since 1991.


You are eligible to attend the program after successful completion of your first semester with a 2.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale), have enrolled for 2 credits in Introduction to Chinese Law, #177, and have completed or are currently enrolled in the second semester of first year law school.

Any student in good standing at law school that has successfully completed at least one year of legal study is eligible to participate. Last year, our China Program enrolled 10 students, all 10 of whom were from Loyola Chicago.

Credit & Grades

The Study Law Abroad Program is offered as part of the fully accredited curriculum of Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Grades for courses will be earned and awarded in increments of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, F; grades will be determined by a written examination and/or paper(s) at the discretion of the instructor.

It is unlikely that participation in foreign summer programs may be used to accelerate graduation. A student interested in acceleration of graduation should discuss this issue with his/her school officials in light of ABA Standard 305, Interpretation 4.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid may be available from the financial aid office for Federal Student Loan programs. Loyola Chicago students should contact the Financial Aid Office of Loyola University Chicago at 773.508.7704. It is strongly recommended that loan applications be completed by February for timely processing, including completion of FAFSA form on-line.

For Loyola Chicago Students:

  1. Check LOCUS to see if you have borrowed all of your GradPLUS eligibility for the year. If not, you may borrow the remainder of the eligibility and up to the total cost of attendance for your abroad program. If yes, you may request more GradPLUS up to the cost of attendance for the program.
  2. Once you have registered for the class, you can proceed to apply for funding.
  3. To borrow any amount of additional GradPLUS funding, visit  studentloans.gov and “Request Direct Plus Loan” when you are ready to take out the funding.  (Remember, interest is accruing on these loans as soon as they are disbursed to you).
  4. Enter the amount you would like to borrow. (Note: The school will only grant the maximum amount for the budget provided—$5000).
  5. The University’s Financial Aid Office will process the loan, and notify you via e-mail once the loan has been certified. This process can take between 5-10 business days to disburse to your account.

Follow up: For additional inquiries or status checks, you may contact the University Financial Aid Office at lufinaid@luc.edu. Please provide your ID number, and mention you are a law student requesting aid for the specific summer program [China] in which you will be enrolled for the summer.

Program Budget Approved for Financial Aid

Program Activity fee $650
Program Housing $700
Transportation, Visa ($140), Food, Books, and Personal Expenses $3000
Estimated Total $4350


Students will be expected to make their own travel arrangements to Beijing.


The Beijing subway is not accessible for use by people who use wheelchairs or who are visually impaired. Public facilities in China and transportation are generally not accessible to people with disabilities.

Optional Travel

The Beijing Program allows ample time for students to take advantage of a variety of travel destinations. Students who choose to travel on weekends will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and related costs while away from Beijing.

Passports & Visas

Each student in the program should have a valid passport good through November 2018. Students are responsible for obtaining their own passports. Allow at least two months processing time to secure a passport. All students must submit a copy of their passport and Visa to Dean Gaspardo by April 2, 2018. Please note that the Visa application requires a passport valid for approximately 6 months after the program concludes and takes approximately 2 weeks to process. Enrolled students will receive further information regarding the Visa application process. Please visit http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/default.htm for more information.