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School of Law

Registration Policies

Registration for Courses

It is the responsibility of each student to register properly for his/her courses each semester. Procedures and scheduled times for registration must be followed in all cases. No academic credit can be given for courses for which students have not properly registered.

Full-time students

No student in the full-time division may take fewer than 12 credit hours. A student in the full-time division must complete six semesters in which he/she enrolls in a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Part-time students

No student in the part-time division may take fewer than eight credit hours, or more than 12 credit hours per semester. Additional credits earned in one academic year or summer session will not permit a student in the part-time division to take fewer than the minimum credit hours per semester thereafter.

Repeating Failed Courses

Students who do not successfully complete a required course must repeat that course no later than the Fall or Spring Semester in which it is next offered. Please visit the Curriculum Guidelines section for more information about required courses.

Class Conflicts

Students are not permitted to register for classes that conflict in whole or in part. Please note the following examples:

  1. Class #1 meets from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Class #2 meets from 3 to 5 p.m. Registration in both classes is not permitted because of the time conflict.
  2. Class #1 meets every Saturday morning throughout the semester. Class #2 is a weekend seminar class that meets one weekend on Saturday and Sunday, but at the same time as Class #1. Registration in both classes is not permitted.

Students are not permitted to register for courses whose examination times conflict.

Withdrawal from Courses

Students normally may withdraw from a course within the first two weeks of the semester or the first week of the summer session. A course may not be added after the first week of a term. A status of "EC" (erase course) is assigned for withdrawal in the first week; the course will not appear on the student's transcript. A grade of "W" (withdrawal) is given for withdrawal through the third week of the semester; this grade will appear on the student's transcript but will have no effect on the student's grade point average. Thereafter, a grade of "WF" (withdrawal failing) will be recorded for students who withdraw from a class; that grade will appear on the student's transcript and is considered for all purposes as an "F."

Students should consult the official School of Law calendar to determine deadlines for withdrawals and changes in registration. In order to withdraw from a course, a student must cancel her/his registration through LOCUS during the period for withdrawals. After that, the student must complete and sign a withdrawal form in the Law Registrar Office. A grade will be awarded in all courses for which a student is registered. When a student has not properly withdrawn from a course prior to the appropriate deadline, a grade of "WF" (withdrawal failing) will be recorded.

Withdrawal from the Program

Any student may withdraw from the entire School of Law program at the same time and under the same conditions that apply to withdrawal from classes.

Permission to withdraw in good standing from the entire program does not imply that the student may resume his/her studies the following semester or at any other time; the school reserves the right to deny, postpone or condition readmission to any student who has withdrawn from the program in good standing. The school also reserves the right to grant permission to withdraw from a course or courses subject to the condition that the student successfully undertake a specified course load at a stated future time, or that he/she complete graduation requirements on or before a specified date.

Please submit the Notice of Intention to Withdraw Form (PDF) to James Faught, Associate Dean (jfaught@luc.edu), or Jean Gaspardo, Assistant Dean (jgaspar@luc.edu)

Withdrawal from the School of Law

Withdrawal is defined as completely withdrawing from all courses. Financial responsibility and refund policies for a complete withdrawal are based on the withdrawal date as determined by the School of Law.

Complete withdrawal before the beginning of the term start date

A complete withdrawal from the School of Law before the official term start date can be done through the LOCUS system. At this time no financial responsibility will be incurred except for any non-refundable fees.

Complete withdrawal after the term start date

Any student withdrawing on the term start day will have their tuition and fees adjusted according to the schedule below. Charges will be based on the School of Law’s official withdrawal date.

Complete withdrawal after the official term withdrawal deadline (after February 6)

Students will receive all “WF” grades and will be responsible for fees and tuition according to the Withdrawal Schedule below.

Withdrawal & Schedule Change Calendar

Effective Date of Withdrawal—Credit Given

First and Second Week of Term 100%
Third and Fourth Week of Term 50%
Fifth Week of Term 20%
Sixth Week of Term and Beyond 0%
*Visit the University Bursar for more information.