Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Class Ranks Description

Juris Doctor students are ranked by program and class at the end of each Fall and Spring semester. Class ranks are based upon your cumulative grade point average and are usually available 2-3 weeks after grades are due for the semester. Students will be notified by the Law Registrar Office via email.

You must be enrolled in 6 hours of graded credit in order to be included in the rank pool. First-year students and students who transfer to Loyola must wait until they have completed one year of coursework before they are included in the ranks. Visiting students are not ranked. Students who are permitted to visit another university during their final year will be ranked with their class.

Alumni who wish to request their final class rank must send a request in writing to Law-Registrar@luc.edu. You must include the following in your email: your name, program, final GPA and last four digits of your Social Security Number.