Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

711 Certification

Rule 711 of the Illinois Supreme Court allows law students to engage in the limited practice of law, under the supervision of a licensed attorney, subject to several conditions.

Students who have successfully completed a minimum of 43.0 credit hours at the law school may apply to the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts for a 711 license. The Registrar's Office will sign a student's application form once it verifies that the student has in fact successfully completed the required 43.0 credit hours. Students need not have the signature of a supervisor before submitting the form to the Registrar for certification, although this signature is necessary before the student can submit the form to the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts.

711 applications forms can be found on the Documents page of the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts website: www.state.il.us/court.

Students may submit a completed application form to the Law Registrar Office, Corboy Law Center, Room 1203.