Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Records and Documents

The Law Registrar Office collects and disseminates student and academic information through processes that ensure the integrity and security of all academic records particularly with regards to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) as set forth by the Federal Government. Each student record contains cumulative class, and grade history, and degrees conferred. Law students may inspect their records in the Law Registrar Office upon submission of identification.

Privacy and Release of Information

Students must notify the Law Registrar Office in writing if they do not want basic information about themselves to be verified when it is requested (typically by colleges or employers). This information may include dates of attendance, enrollment status (full-time and half-time), degrees earned and dates conferred, and major field of study.

If you need to request a verification letter or any document from the Law Registrar Office, please complete the Verification Request Form (PDF) by including specific details. This form should be sent as an attachment to Law-Registrar@luc.edu or brought to the Law Registrar Office, Corboy Law Center, Room 1203.

FERPA—The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FERPA Rights. FERPA specifically addresses the rights of students as they pertain to their education records. Education records are those records which are directly related to the individual student currently or formerly in attendance at a and maintained by Loyola University Chicago. This pages serves as Loyola's annual notification of the students' rights and provides links to valuable resources to help members of the Loyola community better understand their responsibilities under FERPA. Visit the Registration and Record's web page for more information.