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Requirements for the JD Certificate in Health Law

Overview Health Law Certificate Program

The Health Law Certificate Program is open to all students enrolled in Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s JD program. Students who earn their Health Law Certificate receive a special designation on their transcript recognizing a concentration in health law courses. The Beazley Institute designed the certificate curriculum with the input of leading health lawyers to ensure that course offerings provide students with the core skills necessary for success in the field of health law.

Health Law Certificate Requirements

  1. Students must complete at least 12 credit hours of health law coursework as laid out below.
  2. Students must gain practical experience in health law, including clinic, externship, paid work, or volunteer work experience.
  3. Students must attend at least 6 health law events, including speakers, conferences, case studies, or hold Health Law Society or Annals of Health Law positions.

Students should monitor their progress on the Health Law Certificate Application. Completed applications should be submitted to Kristin Finn.


In order to be eligible for the certificate, you must earn a grade of "B" or better in each course. **

Required Courses (6 credit hours)

  • Health Care Business and Finance (3)
  • Introduction to Health Law (3)

*requirement waived for 2016 & 2017 graduates

Additional credits may be taken from these courses:

  • Access to Health Care (2–3)
  • Antitrust in the Health Care Field (2)
  • Administrative Law and Health Care Regulation (3)
  • Bioethics Law and Policy (2–3) (spring)
  • Corporate Transactions in Health Law(3)
  • Disability Law (2)
  • Food and Drug Law (3)
  • Government Health Policy (2)
  • Health Care Compliance (2)
  • Health Care Fraud and Abuse (2)
  • Health Care Informatics (1)
  • Health Care Payment and Policy (2–3)
  • Health Care Labor Law Seminar (1)
  • Health Care Litigation and Medical Malpractice (2)
  • Health Justice Policy (2)
  • Health Justice Project (up to 3)
  • Health Information Privacy and Technology (1)
  • Law and Public Health (2–3)
  • Mental Health Law (2)
  • Physician Regulation Seminar (1)
  • Risk Management, Patient Safety, and Quality (2)
  • Topics in Long Term Care (2)

If you have completed a health law course that is not listed above, contact Kristin Finn, to obtain approval at kfinn1@luc.edu.

JD students may also be able to count online coursework in health law toward the JD Certificate in Health Law.

**Exceptions to Course Grade Requirements: Exceptions to the grade requirement will be made on a case by case basis. Students earning a grade below B in any health law course may be required to take an additional course to earn the certificate. See the Institute's Assistant Director if you would like to request that an exception be made.

Practical Experience

Each student must complete a Health Law Externship, an approved clinical experience, or demonstrate experience in the field of health law. Externship placement is conducted through the Institute. Clinical experiences and volunteer/employment experiences must be approved in advance. Exceptions: Part-time evening students may be exempted from this requirement at the Institute's discretion.

Extracurricular Activities

Each student must participate in 6 or more of the activities sponsored by the Institute. These include but may not be limited to Speakers, Conferences, Case Studies, Health Law Society Programs, Annals of Health Law senior editorial staff. It is the responsibility of the student to track their event attendance, including titles and dates. Attendance will be verified by Institute staff. Note for Annals of Health Law Members: Participation as a member of the Annals will count as one extracurricular activity. Serving on the Executive Board or as a Senior Editor will count as one additional extracurricular activity.

Rights Reserved

The Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy reserves the right to amend the certificate requirements and to add to or delete from the list of courses that satisfy the certificate requirement at any time.