Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Certificate in Compliance Studies

Loyola University Chicago School of Law began awarding the Certificate in Compliance Studies to graduating JD, MJ, and LLM students in response to the growing trend of specialization compliance for lawyers and legal professionals. Administered through the Center for Compliance Studies, the Certificate in Compliance Studies is a special designation on the JD, MJ, and LLM transcript recognizing that a student has completed a concentration of courses in the area of compliance. The certificate also allows students to request an eligibility letter qualifying them to sit for the CCB compliance certification exams.

Awarding of the Certificate

The certificate in compliance studies will appear as an official comment on the JD transcript, and degree candidates and alumni are free to indicate their certificate status on their resumes and bios. The actual certificate will be given to students at the time that diplomas are distributed, usually 4–6 weeks after the graduation ceremony. Please note that certificate status will not be noted in the commencement program nor at the commencement ceremony.

CCB Eligibility

Students who wish to sit for the CCB compliance examinations must also request a CCB eligibility letter in addition to the certificate. Students should email HLBLStudentAdvising@luc.edu after receiving all final course grades to request a CCB eligibility letter. Information about the CCB compliance examinations can be found here.