Loyola University Chicago

School of Law


Students who are in the Juris Doctor program at Loyola University Chicago, School of Law can apply for certificates in the areas of: Advocacy, Child and Family Law, Health, International Law and Practice, Public Interest, Tax, and Transactional.

Certificates will appear as an official comment on the transcript and will be given to graduates at the end of the semester, approximately 2–3 weeks after degrees are conferred. Please note that certificate status will not be noted in the commencement program nor at the commencement ceremony.

Application Process:

  • Complete an application form which is located under each specific certificate page.
  • Download an unofficial copy of your JD transcript using LOCUS.
  • Schedule an appointment with a faculty member in the department you plan to receive your certificate. Students who seek a certificate are advised to apply and begin classes for the certificate as soon as possible after the first year in the JD program. Bring your completed form and your transcript to the appointment. Faculty will advise you on your curriculum plan and the core subjects covered on the bar exam.

Advocacy: Zelda Harris
Child and Family Law: Professors Diane Geraghty, Anita Weinberg, Bruce Boyer or Stacey Platt
Compliance Studies: Lindsay Dunbar
Health Law: Kristin Finn
International Law and Practice: Professor Anne-Marie Rhodes
Public Interest: Professor Mary Bird
Tax Law: Professors Jeffrey Kwall, or Anne-Marie Rhodes
Transactional Law: Professors Shelley Dunck or Mary Hanisch

Students must present an application at their graduation interview with the School of Law Registrar, Dora Jacks. The Registrar will certify that all of the certificate requirements have been met after all final grades have been calculated.

The certificate status will be noted on the student’s transcript when your degree is conferred. Students will be notified when the certificate is ready for pick up.