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Courses D - H

388: Global Access to Medicine: A Patent Perspective

Credit Hours



Perspective Elective

This course considers how patents impact access to medicine in today’s global economy. While there are many issues that impact access to medicine, patents are the highlight here because patents are often poorly understood, yet have an enormous impact on access to medicine. After all, the existence of a life-saving or sustaining drug is essentially of no utility if it is priced beyond reach. This class aims to broaden students’ consideration of different views of patents in the context of exploring a growing web of international agreements that require nations to adopt specific types of patent laws that have implications for the cost of drugs. No prior knowledge of patents or international law is required, although students will learn some aspects of each by the conclusion of the course. Student grades will be based on class participation and a final project that does not require outside legal research; there will be no final exam.