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Experiential Learning

449: Negotiations Seminar

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Experiential Learning

Negotiating effectively is one of the most important qualities of a successful lawyer. This course seeks to help you move from negotiating by instinct, as most people do, to negotiating more thoughtfully, more comfortably and with a clearer sense of purpose.

This course merges theory with practice to: (1) develop your understanding of negotiation, and your awareness as a negotiator; (2) give you tools and concepts for analyzing and preparing for negotiations; (3) enhance your negotiating skills through frequent role plays, analysis, and feedback; and (4) teach you how to keep learning from your own negotiation experience. In addition to negotiation skills and theory, you will be introduced to issues of representation, ethics, and the place of negotiation in our legal system.

The Negotiation Workshop is a highly rewarding and interactive course. The course syllabus consists of assigned readings, simulations, and written assignments before almost every class, and attendance at one video debrief where we will analyze your skill set. (Michel, Zelizer)