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546: Anatomy of a Deal

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Experiential Learning

This weekend course will provide the essential skill set you will need as an entry-level deal lawyer. This is increasingly important, in light of growing client unwillingness to pay junior associate rates for attorneys to learn on the job. Facing an ever more competitive recruiting environment, it will be crucial for you to come out of the gate armed with the appropriate skill set for your chosen practice area. This course is designed to prepare you to speak intelligently in interviews and hit the ground running on the job. To this end, the focus of each class will be how to perform due diligence and how to draft resolutions, third-party opinion letters, and closing documents – tasks commonly assigned to junior associates. You will also study sample agreements that appear in many different types of deals, including commitment papers, indemnities, guaranties, escrows, pledge agreements and security agreements. When appropriate, we will invite guest lecturers to join us to provide real life insights into the transactional law practice.