Loyola University Chicago

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Experiential Learning

623: Advanced Domestic Relations Law Practicum (1 hour)

Credit Hours



Experiential Learning

This is a selective enrollment year long course that is made up of three primary components: (1) teach students the practical application of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act and related statutes, (2) provide students with the opportunity to assist pro se litigants in Cook County Courtrooms, and (3) allow students the opportunity to prepare a proposal to make the process more efficient for litigants – by building on the success of an existing process.

In the Fall portion of the course, students will have three credit hours of classroom instruction focusing on the practice of family law. In the Fall students will also have the equivalent of one hour per week of Courtroom observations.

In the Spring portion of the course, the hours will flip. Students will have one hour per week of classroom instruction which will focus on addressing any difficult issues the students are facing in the Courtroom portion of the class as well as guiding the improvement project. Students will also have three hours per week of Courtroom time assisting Pro Se litigants and applying the knowledge from the Fall Semester.

General course topics will focus on developing the skills necessary to excel in domestic relations courtrooms such as strategic planning for a dissolution of marriage case, complex financial analysis, developing and maintaining the attorney client relationship, practical drafting skills, and negotiation skills.