Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Antitrust and Consumer Law

164: Mergers and Acquisitions

Credit Hours




This course will introduce students to the issues that arise in merger and acquisition transactions. Students will study the legal framework within which m&a transactions and the negotiation and documentation of such transactions take place. Students will analyze the considerations involved in selecting various structural alternatives for m&a transactions, examine the dynamics of the m&a transaction negotiation process, investigate the various stages of m&a transactions and focus on the lawyer’s role in adding value to such transactions. Students will also have the opportunity to study, evaluate, draft and/or negotiate various types of documents that are commonly encountered in m&a transactions (such as, confidentiality agreements, employee retention agreements, investment banker engagement letters, letters of intent and purchase and sale agreements). There will be a take-home final examination. Students taking this class would benefit by having previously taken Business Organizations and Securities Regulation; these classes are not, however, required to take the course. (Slaughter)