Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Advocacy and Dispute Resolution

416: Trial Practice II

Credit Hours



Evidence and Trial Practice I




This graded 3 unit course offers the opportunity to build upon the basic trial advocacy skills developed in the Trial Practice I course through in-depth case analysis and strategy, advanced direct and cross examination including expert witnesses, and use of the written and oral motions in limine to support the basis for evidentiary objections and foundations for admissibility of evidence. The student/faculty ratio is 8 to 1. The faculty rotate among the student groups and each student is given the opportunity to perform the exercises necessary to learn the skill. Each student is paired with a partner and required to conduct a two bench trials and a jury trial during the course of the semester. Prerequisite:  Evidence and Trial Practice I (LAW 411 or LAW 416 or LAW 400 or law 499).