Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Advocacy and Dispute Resolution

511: London Comparative Advocacy Program

Credit Hours



Experiential Learning


This course is the second credit of a two-credit ungraded program.   To prepare for the visit to London, students are required to take Introduction to the English Legal Profession (1 credit) during the fall semester prior to the trip.  Participants are then required to register for this course in the spring semester after the conclusion of the trip to London.  Students are required to submit a 20 page research paper by a deadline in May on a topic approved by the instructor.

Each year, students are selected to travel to London for about two weeks between semesters.  In London, students engage in a number of activities focusing on the British legal professions, the system of advocacy and legal history.  For students who hope to be selected for the program, completion of Trial Practice I is recommended.  Applications for the program are due each April and the program faculty selects the participants for the following year. There are always far more applicants to the program than available space. (Faught)