Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Advocacy and Dispute Resolution

313: Illinois Civil Litigation Practice

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This course will empower you to practice in Illinois state courts (where 90% of all litigation is heard) with the efficacy of a seasoned litigator. Teaming star civil litigators with veteran judges, this redesigned two-session intensive course will focus sharply on the crucial knowledge and skills needed to survive the confusing and hectic civil court system.  The course will enhance your written and oral argument skills in the context of the labyrinth of procedural rules and statutes that govern different phases of civil litigation in Illinois. Using hypothetical scenarios, students will learn how the rules apply to the facts and substantive law in a concrete way, as well as how to argue issues arising in the pre-trial setting.  You will write briefs (up to 8 pages), argue motions, serve as a judge, and instruct your fellow students on the law, all over two sessions, each one lasting one and a half days (Friday afternoon and Saturday).  The first session will generally focus on pleadings and motions directed to pleadings, while the second session will generally focus on discovery and summary judgment motion practice.  Because so many graduates are now thrown directly into the courtroom either as solo practitioners or litigation associates, the course has been designed to be immediately useful the first time you go to court. (Donnelly, Durkin, Kotin, Larsen, Mulroy, Tailor)