Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Advocacy and Dispute Resolution

501: Collaborative Law Workshop

Credit Hours




Experiential Learning  

This course will provide students insight and practical knowledge of alternative dispute resolutions. This course focuses on the attorney's ability to understand the differences in the practice of mediation and the more recent development of the Collaborative law process and understand the application of each. Students will learn through didactic as well as skill-centered methods, giving each the opportunity to practice skills through role play and “fishbowl” exercises. We will cover the basics of mediation and Collaborative practice while emphasizing useful derivative skills that will serve students well in their future law careers. A client-centered approach, the primary goal of this class is to expose students to effective communication methods and skills that lead to settlement without litigation. Guest lecturers will bring their specific areas of expertise to the class so that students will be able to see first-hand the application of the processes we will be studying and be able better to emulate them. The final grade will awarded based partly on a 10 page critical paper and more significantly from class participation. (Rosenbloom and occasional guest lecturers)