Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Advocacy and Dispute Resolution

293: Advanced Writing for Legal Practice: Illinois Civil and Criminal Litigation

Credit Hours



Rigorous Writing


This course focuses on the development of skills necessary for particular writing assignments that arise in the course of a civil lawsuit or a criminal prosecution. While writing well in litigation is important in itself, it also contributes to a litigator’s skill as an oral advocate. Moreover, practice in oral advocacy contributes to a litigator’s effectiveness as a writer. For this reason, this course will require the student to participate in oral advocacy exercises as well as undertake specific writing assignments.

The course is designed the student with a strong sense of the overall strategy necessary to be effective in the development and presentation of a case. It will cover a wide range of skills, including the drafting of complaints, the preparation and presentation of motions, opening statements and closing arguments, the careful researching of local rules, the drafting of memoranda, the development of techniques for examining witnesses, the use of discovery tools and the application of a structured approach to settlement negotiations. In addition to the writing associated with these skills, the course will focus on the aspects of these skills that support an overall litigation strategy. (Herbert)