Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Advocacy and Dispute Resolution

184: Advanced Litigation Skills

Credit Hours




Learning litigation skills task-by-task can leave the young practitioner with little guidance on how to form the overall strategy necessary to develop and present an effective civil case. While covering a wide range of specific skills, including final pretrial preparation, the pretrial uses of opening statement and closing argument, the careful researching of local rules of procedure, techniques for examining witnesses, emphasis in the use of discovery tools, techniques for oral argument and applying a structured approach to settlement negotiations, this course will emphasize the aspects of these skills that support an overall civil litigation strategy. This course will require students to review a variety of materials in preparation for class, to participate in certain in-class exercises and to submit certain written work during the course of the term. Evaluation of each student's performance will be based on in-class exercises and written work during the course of the term. (Herbert)