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Loyola Consumer Law Review: Submitting an Article or Idea

The CLR Editorial Board may be interested in any recent papers or articles you have written about the law and consumers, and accepts publication submissions year-round. Manuscripts may be sent electronically to our Feature Articles Editors at LoyolaCLR@gmail.com; or to the CLR's mailing address at Loyola Consumer Law Review, 25 East Pearson Street, Suite 1434, Chicago, IL 60611, or via facsimile to (312) 915-7201 (Attention: Consumer Law Review).

Our large editorial staff has a wide range of experience in assisting practitioners and professors with transforming their papers and conference materials into publishable articles. We may also be interested in any ideas or suggestions you may have about potential symposia or conferences regarding legal issues as they relate to consumers, or any consumer-related issues that CLR members could pursue as a topic for a student or news article.