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The Consumer Law Review (CLR), published three times per year, is the only law review of its kind in the country. The CLR is dedicated to examining legal issues as they relate to consumers. Our publication provides a forum for dialogue among practitioners, law professors, and the rest of our broad subscriber base. Because of the CLR's wide subscriber base, the editors strive to avoid "legalese" and heavy footnoting while maintaining the highest level of scholarship in the field.

The CLR is devoted to featuring articles regarding the effect of developing legal issues on both consumers themselves and on the practice of law as it relates to consumers. Recent issues have included articles on advertising, financing, debt collection, product safety, professional services, insurance, consumer credit, corporate corruption, and consumer privacy. CLR articles may be found in their entirety on Westlaw and Lexis. Many law libraries also subscribe to the CLR.

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The CLR's practical and reputable articles have been used and cited to by the Honorable Rebecca R. Pallmeyer of the Northern District of Illinois, in Congressional testimony, and in over forty different law reviews, as well as in many other legal and non-legal publications. Not to mention, the CLR is one of Ralph Nader's "favorite publications!" (THE TIMES UNION, Sept. 4, 1999, at A9.)

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If you are not yet a subscriber, but would like to be one, contact Executive Editor/Managing Editor, Morgan Schulhof at mschulhof@luc.edu or (312) 915-7181.  We publish three issues each year, for an annual subscription fee of $15. 

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Maha Sadek

Executive Editor
Morgan Schulhof

Managing Editor
Morgan Schulhof

Publications Editor
Jessica Kaminski

Features Articles Editors
Michael Meadows, Chad Hogan, Catie Eubanks

News Editor
James Orescanin
Senior Staff Editors
Wes Joy
Cameran Gilliam
John Richards
Will Dimas
Melissa Moore
Basile Manikas
Tom Siracusa
London Pickett
Savannah Slamans
Symposium Editor
Jacob Rheaume
Faculty Advisors, Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Professor Lea Krivinskas
Professor Spencer Weber Waller

Advisory Board

Theresa Amato

Shearman & Sterling

Washington, DC


Beth Farmer

Dickinson School of Law

University Park, PA


Eric Olson

Federal Trade Commission

Washington, DC

Joseph P. Bauer

Notre Dame Law School

South Bend, IN


Michael Faure

Mastricht University

The Netherlands


Dee Pridgen

U. of Wyoming College of Law

Laramie, WY


Susan Block-Lieb

Fordham U. School of Law

New York, NY


Paul George

Texas A & M University School of Law

Fort Worth, TX


Don A. Resnikoff

Don Resnikoff Law

Washington, DC

M. Neil Browne

Bowling Green State U.

Bowling Green, OH


Thomas Grande

Grande Law Offices

Honolulu, HI

Paul H. Schieber

Stevens & Lee P.C.

Philadelphia, PA

Mark Budnitz

Georgia St. U. College of Law

Atlanta, GA


Paul E. Kantwill

Loyola University Chicago

Chicago, IL

Heidi Schooner

Columbus School of Law

Washington, DC

Stephen Calkins

Wayne State U. School of Law

Detroit, MI


Daniel R. Karon

Karon, LLC

Cleveland, OH


Jeff Sovern

St. John’s U. School of Law

Queens, NY

Shirley Chiu

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Washington, DC


Jason Kilborn

The John Marshall Law School

Chicago, IL

Bob Sullivan

Author and Investigative Journalist


Kati Cseres

Amsterdam Centre for European Law & Governance

Amsterdam, NL


Robert Lande

U. of Baltimore School of Law

Baltimore, MD

David C. Vladeck

Georgetown University Law Center

Washington, DC


Daniel A. Edelman

Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin, LLC

Chicago, IL


Salil Mehra

Temple U. School of Law

Philadelphia, PA


“A career in public interest law will allow me to continue to fight for justice, and intellectual property combines my interest and background in science with the law.”
Amber Carpenter JD student