Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Academic Support Program

Loyola University Chicago School of Law is committed to the success of its students. The law school's Academic Support Program reflects this commitment.

The Instructional Assistance Program is designed to help first-year students develop the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in law school. More information about the Instructional Assistance Program can be found on this page.

As a "capstone" learning opportunity after the first year, we offer a seminar entitled, "Legal Analysis and Writing Enhancement." This is a skills course in which students are introduced to analytical and writing techniques for taking both the essay portion and performance portion of the bar exam. This course also assresses practical tools for taking the bar exam. During this seven-week course, students write both essays and performance questions under time constraints and receive written feedback on their answers. In-class discussion of the questions is an important part of the course. Although there is no required text, class participation is necessary. This class is recommended for students in their last year of law school, but is open to all upper-division students.

As a supplement to the law school's Academic Support Program, we encourage you to explore the "Students" tab of the Law School Academic Success Project (sponsored by the Law School Admission Council) http://www.lawschoolasp.org. This website provides very helpful supplementary learning opportunities, along with other important information about law school life.

  • Instructional Assistance Program
  • Academic Tutors
  • Law School Academic Success website
  • Practice Hypotheticals (password protected; for tutor use only)
  • Tutor Materials (password protected; for tutor use only)

The program is coordinated by:

  • Alice S. Perlin, Clinical Professor of Writing Programs and Instructional Services
  • Jennifer Brendel, Clinical Professor; Director of Academic Support Programs