Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Instructional Assistance Program

What is the Instructional Assistance Program?

The Instructional Assistance Program was created to help first-year students develop the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in law school. The program is staffed by academic tutors.

Who are the academic tutors?

The academic tutors are highly qualified second and third-yar students. Each tutor is assigned to a section of the first-year class. Your tutors will be introducing themselves in your classes.

What do the academic tutors do?

The tutors are available for any questions you have about your course material or about law school in general. They are a great resource for questions about your professor's expectations, how to prepare for class, how to outline the course, how to study for exams, and how to write a law school exam answer.

The tutors attend class and hold office hours. In addition, each tutor will offer a series of review sessions and pratice hypotheticals each semester. These reviews and practice problems are a good way to help test your understanding of the material and to clarify any issues that you find difficult.

The tutors also offer a series of group workshops over the course of the first year. The workshop topics are: Pre-Outlining, Outlining, Exam Preparation and Exam Writing.

Who else can I contact for help?

The Instructional Assistance Program is coordinated by Professor Jennifer Brendel, Director of Academic Support Programs, and Professor Alice Perlin, Clinical Professor of Writing Programs and Instructional Services.

You can reach us at:

Professor Brendel
(312) 915-7869
Suite 1030

Professor Perlin
(312) 915-7193
Suite 1030