Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

International Law and Practice Program

In an era where technology facilitates instantaneous world-wide communications and convenient transportation links to all parts of the globe, the legal profession must fully respond to the challenges of the international environment.

Loyola's School of Law provides an environment where a global perspective is respected and encouraged. International and comparative law is not studied only in theoretical, abstract terms but primarily in the context of values-based professional practice. All of the law school's areas of expertise - health law, child and family law, advocacy, business and tax, antitrust, intellectual property - have strong international and comparative components.

A large percentage of the full-time Loyola faculty regularly offers courses exploring the international and comparative aspects of their fields of expertise. The school's curriculum, in Chicago and abroad, continually expands and deepens to respond to developing areas of professional interest. Individual students have the opportunity to focus on topics of particular interest to them through independent research projects or research in close collaboration with the faculty.

The school also provides a wide variety of co-curricular activities and opportunities outside the classroom for students to explore their interests in this area and to gain direct experience in it. Lectures series and conferences help generate an international perspective within the greater professional community.