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Compliance—recently identified by national news and law publications as one of the “hottest jobs in America”—offers quickly multiplying career opportunities in industries ranging from energy and banking to higher education and pharmaceuticals. Preparing for a career in compliance requires specialized training and knowledge, and Loyola University Chicago is leading the way in compliance studies. We’re one of only a few institutions in the US offering master’s-level health law and business law degrees with a concentration in compliance. Our program’s distinctive depth, featuring more than 40 specifically developed online courses, uniquely prepares you to succeed in this challenging and satisfying profession

DEGREE OPTIONS FOR BOTH LAWYERS AND NON-LAWYERS—Loyola offers compliance-focused graduate degrees to both practicing attorneys (LLM in Health Law or Business Law) and non-legal professionals (MJ in Health Law or Business Law). JD students can also choose to focus their studies on compliance. We also offer continuing education and non-degree programs in compliance for attorneys and professionals.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPECIALIZATION—You can choose to concentrate in areas that closely fit your  organizational goals: corporate, health care, global, privacy, or research.

KNOWLEDGE THAT’S BOTH WIDE AND DEEP—The Loyola philosophy of compliance sees compliance programs as having both horizontal and vertical aspects. You’ll study the classic elements of a compliance program and how they apply to all industries. You’ll also explore how to identify and address regulatory obligations unique to the industries in which you’re most interested.

FACULTY WHO LEAD IN THE FIELD—Loyola compliance studies faculty members are practicing compliance officers from across the country—leaders in health care, government, education, consulting, finance, and private legal practice. You’ll learn from professionals working day to day in managing the latest compliance issues and shaping the future of the field.

A HEAD START IN CERTIFICATION—Many compliance positions require certification through the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) of the Health Care Compliance Association. The CCB has accredited Loyola based on our strong curriculum in health care compliance, so when you complete 15 hours of health care compliance coursework as part of your degree program, you’re eligible to sit for the CCB exams without having to fulfill professional work experience requirements. We also partner with the International Association of Privacy Professionals, offering our students significant discounts on training, membership and certification.