Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

Guests and Visitors

On all campuses of Loyola University Chicago, we have provided a network for guests and visitors to access the internet.

Click on any image to view in full screen.

When opening a web browser, you will be redirected to the following page.


I Have a Guest Account

If you have already received credentials from Loyola University, follow this link. It will bring you to the following page, which provides a portal for you to log into our network.


I Need a Guest Account

This link will bring you to the page where you can request Guest Access by providing your full name and email address. You may optionally include your mobile number and mobile provider to receive your credentials via text message.

After clicking the "Request Guest Access" icon, you should receive an email with your guest credentials sent to the email you provided above. The format of this email will look as it does below.

Alternatively, you may receive the following text message if you provided a mobile number.


Use these credentials to log into your guest account through the "I Have a Guest Account" page pictured earlier. After logging in, your device will register with our network. It will take a few moments to establish a connection with our servers.

If you receive the message above, close your web browser. When you reopen it, you will have full internet access.


Note: The Loyola University Chicago guest wireless network is provided as a convenience for University visitors and guests, and its use is not warranted in any way, express or implied, by Loyola University Chicago.  Your use of the network is solely at your own risk and is subject to all applicable University policies.  There is no guarantee of network performance.  Individual access to the network, or the entire network’s availability, may be suspended or terminated at any time at the University's sole discretion.