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  • Register now:Please select the campus you are currently on (must be on campus to complete), *registrations will carry over if you travel between campus. Once you select the campus, please follow the instructions to register your personal technology device(s).


  • What is Loyola NetReg?Every new device connecting to the network via wired or wireless must be registered. Registrations are maintained for 120 days or for 14 days of inactivity, which ever comes first. The following are the five most commonly asked questions regarding Loyola's Netreg.
    • How does it work? The Network Access Control (NAC) system provides a small program that is run on your computer. If the program detects that your system is not up to the appropriate standards, you will not be allowed on the network until you fix the identified problems with your system. If your system meets requirements, the program erases itself after it is run.
    • What standards does it look for? The NAC program checks to make sure that you are running a current operating system, that you have installed important security patches, and that you are not running certain peer-to-peer software programs. If you are using a Windows Operating System, it also checks that you are running anti-virus software with up-to-date anti-virus definitions.
    • What is Network Access Control? Network Access Control (NAC) is a way to control what devices are allowed on Loyola's network. This ensures that Loyola's network is used to serve the University's instructional, research, health care, administrative and public service missions.
    • Why does it check for peer-to-peer software programs? Please refer to this page regarding their policies on peer-to-peer software.
    • Are you scanning my machine for personal information about me? No. We only check to make sure that your machine meets appropriate standards and that it is not running certain peer-to-peer software programs. Some information about your computer (such as the operating system and anti-virus program used) is collected, but no personally identifiable information is collected. The program does not collect any information about your files, software used or Internet browsing habits.

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