Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

OneDrive Migration Project

On Monday November 13th, ITS announced that Loyola will be moving from Box to Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business for cloud storage. Like Box, OneDrive for Business provides personal cloud storage where you can house, share, and synchronize your work files from any device, anywhere, any time.  However, OneDrive for Business includes several improvements and benefits over our existing Box solution, including:

  • Storage Capacity – Storage capacity is increased significantly. All users are allocated 5 TB of storage in OneDrive for Business.  In Box, each user gets 15 GB.
  • Real-Time Collaboration - OneDrive for Business supports real-time collaboration.  Multiple people can edit documents at the same time, eliminating the need for emailing documents or saving additional versions on network drives.
  • Windows 10 Integration - The OneDrive for Business client is included, no need to download additional software to synchronize files/folders.
  • Office 365 Integration - OneDrive for Business is already included for all students in Office 365 and is integrated into the email web client.

Migration Timeline

The migration from Box to OneDrive will take place in several phases.  As each targeted group in migrated, additional details will be shared via email for those imapcted.  Below is the current timeline for reference.  Note: Inactive Box Accounts are those that have not been accessed in over 12 months.



Migration Details

ITS is working with Microsoft engineers to migrate data from Box to OneDrive for Business, as part of our existing Office 365 implementation.  With the number of user and amount of data we are migrating from Box, the transition will be staggerd over several months starting in January 2018.  Currently we are targeting to move over 10,000 accounts with over 7.6 TB of files/folders.

Although most data and permissions should migrate without issue, we wanted to highlight a few items:

  • Each migration will take several days to complete. ITS will keep imapcted individuals updated throughout the process.
  • Individuals can opt-out of the migration process. If you prefer to move data yourself or have us disregard Box data, please let us know via email to: onedrive@luc.edu.
  • Permissions for file/folders you have shared in Box with other Loyola individuals will migrate.
  • Permissions for files/folders you have shared with external people do not migrate. You will need to re-share those items.
  • Group/shared Box accounts will be migrated as part of a separate process. If you, or your team, uses a shared Box account, ITS will be reaching out directly to discuss how group/shared accounts work in OneDrive for Business
  • Data that already exists in OneDrive should not be affected, those files/folders will be skipped as part of the migration.

Post-Migration Details

When a migration begins, ITS will set all accounts in Box to a “read-only” state. Individuals can reference file/folders as well as shared file permissions if needed. ITS will keep Box in a “read-only” state for several months before decommissioning the service. Current users of Box will be notified by ITS before the decommissioning of Box begins.

Once completed, individuals may want to remove the Box sync client and any data that was sync'd to their workstation.  If you would like assistance in removing the Box sync client and any residual data, please contact the ITS Help Desk: email (helpdesk@luc.edu) or phone (773.508.4ITS).