Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

ECM/Imaging Implementation

 May 2010
Sponsor: Enterprise Project (Pelissero) / Project Manager: Pauliks / Health:

  • Successful Go Live occurred in March for Service Requests in Reg & Rec and in April for Advising.
  • All Imagio data has been successfully converted to DocFinity.
  • Implementation activities continue in Reg & Rec.
  • Analysis continues with DSS, IOP, A/P and Advancement with Treasury.
  • DocFinity Version 10 upgrade analysis and planning in process; currently target for Summer.
  • Resource concerns exist to handle demand of long pending project list.
  • Next Steps:
    1) Go Live with Reg & Rec, DSS, & OIP. 2) Complete analysis and planning for OIP, DSS, and A/P; 3) Complete planning Ver. 10 upgrade; 4) Begin discussions with HR.

March 2010
Sponsor: Enterprise Project (Pelissero) / Project Manager: Pauliks / Health:

  • Currently over 400 users utilize DocFinity. Where processes are modified, achieving process improvements of 80% on average with effort savings of over 5000 hours annually to date. Implementation efforts are active for Reg & Rec and Advising with live dates planned for March/April. Analysis continues with OIP and A/P. DocFinity Version 10 upgrade planning is in process; currently targeted for late Spring/early Summer.
  • Next Steps:
    1) Go Live with Reg & Rec and Advising, 2) Complete analysis and planning for OIP and AP, 3) Compete planning Ver. 10 upgrade, 4) Kick-offs with Grad School and Disability Support Services, Advancement/Treasury, 5) Initiate discussions with HR.

December 2009
Sponsor: Enterprise Project (Pelissero) / Project Manager: Pauliks / Health:

  • GPEM "go live" occurred on 10/19/09. Completed Hub, DSS and Retention "future state" design and review meetings. Held kick-off meeting with Advising, Initiated discussions with Reg & Rec. Continued designed and planning of AP. Presented ECM overview of Council of Dean's meeting (September). Initiated analysis for upgrade to DocFinity Version 10. Analysis underway for identified security issues with batch processing and system performance.
  • Next Steps:
    (1) Make determination for timing of the upgrade to Ver.10.2 (2) Kick-off engagements with Reg & Rec and Advancement (Full). (3) Receive final approval of the Child Law Proposal for back-scanning & retrieval. (4) Go Live in Advising. (5) Go Live with AP.   

August 2009
Sponsor: Enterprise Project (Pelissero) / Project Manager: Pauliks / Health:

  • Advancement "go live" to address PCI compliance occurred on 7/15/09.
  • Undergrad Admissions "go live" occurred on 8/3/09.
  • Held kick-off meetings with GPEM and AP. 
  • Completed advising "future state" design and planning meetings.
  • Additional Student Services process improvement meetings underway. 
  • Next Steps:
    (1) Complete Student Services design and planning meetings, (2) Go Live Live in GPEM, (3) Kick-off engagements with Advising and Advancement (Full), (4) Go Live with AP, (5) Continue project with Child Law (back-scanning & retrieval).   

May 2009
Sponsor: Enterprise Project (Pelissero) / Project Manager: Pauliks / Health:

  • Held kick-off meetings with Undergraduate Admissions, Advancement (PCI need only), and Child Law (back scanning and retrieval).
  • Also held kick-off meetings for the Advising process review and the "current state" analysis workshops.
  • Next Steps:
    (1) Go live in Advancement for PCI need, (2) Go Live with Undergraduate Admissions, (3) Complete advising for "future state" design, (4) Kick-off engagement with GPEM, (4) Go live with Child Law (back scanning and retrieval).  


March 2009
Sponsor: Enterprise Project (Pelissero) /
Project Manager: Pauliks / Health:

  • February the "go live" in Financial Aid and Enrollment Operations with improved scanning and indexing and several work flow processes.
  • Approved roll-out plan focusing on CY09 activities.
  • Next Steps:
    (1) Hold kick-off meetings with Undergraduate Admissions and Advancement (PCI need only). (2) Kick-off activities with advising. (3) Engage Child Law for their back-scanning and retrieval needs. 

November 2008
Sponsor: Enterprise Project (Pelissero) / Project Manager: Pauliks / Health:

  • Hired the ECM Administrator in September.
  • Completed the initial training for the Core Team. Test environment has been developed and operational.
  • Developed Document Index Grid to assist in identifying similar data elements across functional areas.
  • Developed Cascade, User Key and Indexing Structures based on the Document Index Grid.
  • Financial Aid identified as the initial department for conversion and roll-out. Implementation activities:
    • Developed current and future state analysis for Financial Aid with Enrollment Operations.
    • Developed processes to support conversion of images from Imagio to DocFinity.
    • Created data retrieval queries for Financial Aid.
    • Configuration of the production environment in progress.
  • Next Steps: (1) Additional training on system functionality and end users. (2) Data conversion of Imagio Financial Aid images. (3) System conversion of Financial Aid and Enrollment Operations to DocFinity. (4) Planning for next phase of project.

August 2008
Sponsor: Enterprise Project (Pelissero) / Project Manager: Pauliks / Health: 

  • Project transitioned to implementation phase.  Ray Pauliks assigned as Project Manager.  
  • Initial Discovery Meetings held with OIT in June.  Detailed planning underway.
  • OIT contract finalized and signed in July.   Termination and negotiation with Imagio is underway.
  • Initial ECM Core Team training scheduled for August.
  • Interviews for ECM Admin position completed.  Potential candidate identified. 
  • Next Steps: (1) Placement of ECM Admin; (2) Initial training for Core Team; (3) Detailed Planning & Scheduling; (4) Development of OIT Statement of Work; (5) Development of a Test environment.