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Sakai Question of the Week
Find out the answers to the most recent Sakai questions from faculty, students, and staff!

Data Security
Find information about viruses, spam, on-line scams as well as suggestions for creating good passwords.

ITS Technology Tips
Providing faculty, staff & students with information about technology at Loyola and Web tools too!

Loyola Moves Email to Microsoft Exchange
A major upgrade to the University’s email system went live in May 2013, bringing a wealth of new features and improvements and expanding the way Loyola faculty, staff, and students communicate with one another and the outside world.

Microsoft Migration Project
The Microsoft Migration Project, a University-wide software upgrade bringing Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 to all computers on campus, will continue through the fall academic term as remaining departments are moved to the new program versions.

New Cloud Storage Service
Loyola is now offering a cloud-based file storage service to faculty, staff and students. The service, called LUC Box, provides a simple way to create, store, and share files and folders in the “cloud” (in other words, via the internet). LUC Box provides an alternative to existing personal and departmental shared drives, and can make it easier to collaborate and access documents from anywhere on any device. You can create files and folders, share them with others inside or outside Loyola, and continue to revise and review your content.

This resource has been created to provide the Loyola Community with a concentrated list of free or discounted software and hardware.

ITS Internal (for internal use)
The Change Management Request form as well as documentation and information about the Chanage Management Process and the ITS publication process.