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About Windows 7

During the migration project, Windows 7 (64-bit) will replace Windows XP. Windows 7 is available in six editions; the edition that will be installed on campus is Windows 7 Enterprise.

Microsoft has streamlined the user interface in Windows 7. New features on the desktop make it easier to organize and manage multiple windows, and the taskbar’s live preview allows you to jump right to the document, picture, or website you have open in another program. Windows 7 also offers stronger and more intuitive searching, expanded media options, and enhanced personalization.

Hardware and software compatibility

As with any upgrade, the move to Windows 7 may render some older peripherals or applications obsolete. All programs delivered through Loyola’s standard image are compatible, but some software and hardware will not work once the upgrade is complete. We encourage you to visit the Compatibility Testing page for more information.

Logging in

The look of your login screen will change with Windows 7. When prompt, hit the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys, type your username and password, and click the blue arrow button.

Please note that Windows 7 is a 64-bit operating system, and provides for enhanced security and increased functionality. As a result, the login process may take a little more time than it used to. You probably won't notice the change at your desktop computer, though you may notice it if you're working in a computing lab. Either way, the benefits are worth it, because programs within Windows 7 will run more quickly overall.

Personal Purchases

Loyolans interested in upgrading to Windows 7 on their home computers can buy the program at a significant discount ($9.95 for an electronic download) through a special purchasing program. Please visit our Varsity Buys page for more information.

Help with the transition

Links to documentation, videos, and classes for Windows 7 are available on our Documentation and Training page.

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