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Compatibility Testing

As with any upgrade, the move to Windows 7 may render some older peripherals or applications obsolete.

ITS has tested the majority of hardware and software in use at Loyola and compiled compatibility results in the links below. All programs delivered through the standard image will function normally, but products marked as incompatible will not work once Loyola's upgrade to Windows 7 is complete.

If software that you've installed on your machine is listed as compatible, and if you wish to continue using it after the upgrade, please be sure you have the original CDs and license information available so it can be reinstalled. In some cases, we note where a software upgrade will resolve compatibility issues.

If you’re using an incompatible hardware device, ITS recommends replacing it as soon as possible. Please visit our purchasing page for a list of pre-approved equipment.

  • Compatibility Testing: Hardware (links to PDF)
  • Compatibility Testing: Software (links to PDF)

Additional information may be available through Microsoft’s own Windows 7 Compatibility Center.


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