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Loyola Moving Email to Microsoft Exchange

A major upgrade to the University’s email system, coming in May 2013, will bring a wealth of new features and improvements, expanding the way Loyola faculty, staff, and students communicate with each other and the outside world.

With the upgrade, Loyola will be moving from GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange. The change in platforms will position Loyola to take advantage of anytime, anywhere communication and provide for more collaborative interactions via email, messaging, conferencing, and other tools. The migration will bring significant enhancements for both desktop users and those on mobile devices and tablets.

What Are The Benefits?

Microsoft Exchange will offer the same kinds of indispensable email and calendar tools currently provided via GroupWise. Our deployment will also include:

  • Streamlined access from any device: Access your Loyola e-mail and calendar anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Expanded calendar features: Share calendars with colleagues outside Loyola, and make use of more sophisticated editing and scheduling features.
  • Integrated instant messaging, voice mail, and conferencing capabilities: Listen to voicemail messages through your e-mail inbox; access e-mail and calendar options with voice commands on your phone; and host audio, video, and web conferences with anyone, inside or outside Loyola.
  • Increased storage capacity: Expanded storage capacity for files and attachments.
  • More seamless integration within the Microsoft Office suite and within the cloud: Consistent formatting features mean e-mail messages will look the way you want them to.

Who Is Affected?

The migration to Microsoft Exchange will affect all Loyolans – faculty, staff, and students – though there will be some differences in the way services and software are delivered. Faculty and staff will make use of Microsoft Outlook for email and calendaring, along with other communication tools, and be hosted through on-campus servers. Student resources will be delivered through the cloud (i.e., through the Internet) using a program called Office 365.

Why Are We Changing?

Loyola was an early adopter of the GroupWise email system – it’s been in use here since 1992 – and the system has served our needs well for many years. In 2011 the University launched a formal evaluation to see how the rapidly changing communications landscape was affecting our delivery of email services and other, related tools.  

The heart of this process was the creation of a Technology Assessment Committee (TAC) comprised of Loyola students, faculty, and staff. The group prioritized Loyola’s core needs and engaged the leading email providers in detailed discussions about how they could respond to those needs. In the summer of 2012, the committee recommended a move to Microsoft Exchange, and the formal decision soon followed.

For More Information

More detailed information, including a preview of features, the upgrade schedule, and links to documentation and training resources, will be posted here in mid December. Questions or comments can be directed to emailproject@luc.edu.