Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

Student Worker PeopleSoft Access

Covers all student workers who are required to access the PeopleSoft system as part of their job.

To ensure that student workers have the appropriate level of access to the PeopleSoft system and that activities performed by a graduate student worker can be tied back to an ID that is only used by that graduate student worker. To ensure that restrictions are in place around when a student worker can access the PeopleSoft system, and that such access is automatically removed at the end of each term.

• Separate ID type - All student workers will receive an additional ID. The ID will be in the format $UVID. The "$" character will indicate to system administrators that this ID belongs to a student worker with access to the PeopleSoft system. This ID will not have access to any systems other than PeopleSoft. Password resets for these IDs will be performed by the Technology Support Center.

• Time-based restrictions - The PeopleSoft administrators will set time-based restrictions for when student workers are allowed to access the system, to help prevent students from accessing the system outside of their working hours.

• Period access removal - At the end of each term, all student worker access accounts will have their access removed. Functional areas that require their student workers to retain their access will send a PeopleSoft student worker Access Request Form to the PeopleSoft administrators. Any accounts that have had their access removed will be deleted 30 days after access is removed if no form was submitted on behalf of that ID.

PeopleSoft Student Worker Access Request Form

The above form should be emailed to:


  • August 25, 2008: Initial Policy
  • June 26, 2015: Annual review for PCI Compliance
  • May 16, 2016: Annual review for PCI Compliance
  • July 24, 2017: Corrected link, updated contact information, annual review for PCI Compliance