Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services


The ITESC subcommittees allow for senior level staff members within Loyola to provide recommendations regarding technology needs, value and corresponding business priority.

There are five subcommittees under the ITESC:

  1. Academic Technology Committee (ATC) 
  2. Architecture Review Board (ARB)
  3. Business Intelligence Steering Committee (BISC)
  4. Information Security Advisory Council (ISAC)
  5. Project Review Board (PRB)   


The sub-committee status reports below represent updates given to the ITESC by the committee chair.  Summary statuses were only used in 2007.  Detailed status reports for sub-committee meetings can be found on the corresponding sub-committee page above.  

          DATE            STATUS
 Dec. 14, 2007 Report
  Apr 20, 2007 Report
   Mar 5, 2007 Report