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Top Hat

Top Hat is a web-based response platform Loyola and available to instructors since the fall 2015 term. Top Hat allows instructors to receive instant feedback from students in online or hybrid course environments. Students can use devices they already own, like smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Top Hat offers several ways for instructors to facilitate engagement with different question types, discussion boards, and gamified elements like polling tournaments. In addition to the instructional benefits, Top Hat provides instructors with learning analytics like daily attendance, student participation, and student performance reports.  


  1. Instructors post a question.
  2. Students submit responses using their own devices. ‌
  3. Results appear instantly!

Top Hat DeviceStudents use their own devices, including phones, laptops, or tablets, to participate in poll-style questions. Students do not need to purchase a physical clicker.

The interactive polling tool lets instructors...

  • Engage students with Top Hat in face-to-face or online course environments.
  • Assess comprehension by asking different question types like multiple choice, matching, sorting, numeric, click-on-target, and word answer questions.
  • Assign questions for homework to assess student understanding before class begins.
  • Designate questions for review to help students prepare for future assessments.

Top Hat Devices

  • Engage the class through live discussion while providing every student a voice.
  • Allow students to answer peer questions or vote for specific questions to be addressed by the instructor.
  • Discussions can occur before, during, or after a class session, as the program is web-based

Top Hat is available to all Loyola faculty at no cost.

Students can purchase a subscription to use Top Hat. Subscriptions can be purchased online or through your mobile device app store. Students may choose a single semester ($16) or five years ($35) subscription. Both subscription options provide students with unlimited access to the Top Hat’s database of courses.

Faculty can visit the Faculty Support  section of Top Hat for more information on how to get started with this tool. Students can visit the Student Support section.



Please contact Meg Mitchell at mmitchell@luc.edu.