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The International Student Speakers Bureau is a group of international undergraduate and graduate students from Loyola University Chicago who volunteer to teach local school children about their home countries. Our goal is to promote global awareness among elementary and middle school students. Bring the world into your classroom!

What topics/countries are available for speakers’ to discuss?

Our international speakers are able to speak on a wide range of topics related to their home countries. For example: festivals, school and childhood experiences, food, clothing, native dances, religion, and more. Speakers can also discuss their cultural in terms of differences/similarities between their native countries and their host. Students may also choose to incorporate: clothing, instruments, pictures, or videos from their country to further enhance the experience.

ISSB speakers can also add value to language classes. As native speakers, they can speak with students or read them stories in their native tongue.

Please feel free to request specific countries or topics that relate to your lesson plan.  ISSB speakers’ presentations can go from 20 minutes to 40 hour in length depending on your needs. Please indicate if you would like multiple or single speakers and the total length of the intended visit.

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A representative from the International Students and Scholars office will contact you to discuss available dates and times depending on presentation requirements upon receipt of your application/email.