Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Pastoral Studies

Course Descriptions

IPS 416: Christian Origins (NT), taught by Dr. Peter Jones

This course serves as an introduction to the New Testament. Students will explore the world of Jesus and his interpreters from both a historical and a biblical perspective and learn about the religious and cultural context out of which Scripture emerges. Students will also develop and exercise interpretive skills, exploring several methods of biblical interpretation. Special attention, especially during our time in Italy, will be given to visiting sites related to the New Testament authors and events as well as to applying interpretive skills to related works of art and architecture.

IPS 599: Theology of Pope Francis, taught by Dr. Michael Canaris

This course will explore the biography, spirituality, and writings of Jorge Bergoglio/Pope Francis, with particular attention paid to his ecclesiology and agenda of curial reform. Students will engage both primary and secondary literature, along with relevant local presentations of Roman experts and visits around the city that highlight the contributions of his pontificate.